Legislative Affairs

washington.jpegLiterally and figuratively, the Members of the Michigan Laborers’ have built and continue to build our State. We deserve credit for the hard work we do every day and respect from the politicians we elect.

The Michigan Laborers’ Political League (MLPL) is the voice of the 12,000 Union Construction Laborers’ and their families. Our Organization endorses candidates and supports issues important to our Membership and our Members voluntarily contribute to our Political Action Committee.

If you are interested in obtaining the endorsement of the Michigan Laborers’, please complete the information below and return it to the Michigan Laborers’ District Council.

Candidates for the State Legislature should fill out the following form:

Click here for the State Candidate Questionnaire

Candidates for Local Office (County, Township and School Board Positions) should fill out the following form:

NOTICE: All Candidates seeking the endorsement of the Michigan Laborers' must return a signed pledge to repeal Right-to-Work in Michigan. A copy of the pledge is below:

Click here for the Pledge to repeal Right-to-Work




Please return all complete materials to the address below:

Attn: Jonathan Byrd
Michigan Laborers' District Council
1118 Centennial Way, Suite 100
Lansing, MI 48917-9280